Sustainability: A Way of Life for One and All

Houses made of natural resources, living in harmony with Nature, air purifying Neem (Margosa) tree as companion and cowdung being used as manure & fuel

Sustainable Architecture & Green Living


Sustainable Architecture & green living involve giving priority to nature, using raw materials readily available in the vicinity like mud, stone, discarded wood; use natural light and ventilation cutting down on power requirement; harvesting water; generating own solar power; using least of chemicals and exploiting least of resources; recycling own bio waste to turn into compost and grow our own food stuff as far as possible; design the house keeping trees as they are….list can go on and on!! Here we have an expert giving her account.

Ms. Tallulah D’Silva, Architect, Environmentalist and Writer


Tallulah D’Silva is a practicing architect by profession, an environmentalist and writer by passion. She is well known for her ecologically sensitive approach to building construction, resource conservation and waste management. She is deeply engaged in teaching as a visiting faculty in several colleges and schools. Her ‘nature walks’ and ‘outdoor workshops’ are highly acclaimed for their approach in ‘learning from nature’.


Her work with children and young people includes leading the ‘Kids of Tigers’ program and ‘Young Global Shapers’ local chapters. Her own initiative and a collaborative programme, the ‘Travelling Dome’ has a radical approach to learning through travelling, observing and interacting with nature, people and places in a sensitive and empathetic way. She has won numerous accolades for her work and widespread media coverage for her achievements.

Below appeared in Architects & Interiors India:


“As an architect with a deep sensitivity towards the environment, D’Silva engages with the local community and inspires them to adopt a sustainable way of living. She leads nature walks  through mangroves, jungles, beaches, wetlands… and has powered urban intervention initiatives such as NoMoZo (No Motor Zone), Black Spot Fixes (city clean-up initiative) and Travelling Dome (outdoor learning experience), besides designing ecological projects such as the EcoLoo and bio-remediation systems.”


“She is treading an unconventional path without a doubt, and her future endeavours allude to it too: experimenting with tree houses, floating structures, emergency boats, portable domes, shelters for climate refugees, etc. “My recent tryst with designing and working with temporary structures, emergency boat making is something I’m looking forward to making bigger and better!” discloses the passionate architect.”

Tallulah trying her hands on Tilling the Land with Machine

Check out following detailing her wonderful architectural creations and works related to environment, community & education:  architecture t I architecture rt

Here are some references of online sessions/ webinar/ interviews she has done so far:


Webinar July 2020: Understanding Sustainable Living


Golden Door Awards 2020, Champion of Change 2020: Listed in the Top 20 international writers/authors, for truth and integrity.


TEDx Talk November 2017: Beyond Classroom and outdoor learning 2017


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