Sustainability - What Small Things We Do For It

Here we mention what Small Things we do to be more Sustainable


Indoor Activities:


  1. We remove and collect all stapler pins that we receive from various envelopes / mails
  2. The envelopes which we receive from our service providers, etc we reuse them for rough pad and to carry documents. Rest goes for recycling as paper can be recycled easily and it saves from cutting more trees
  3. We even print the air / train tickets on the back side of used paper. Nowadays, trying that our guests can use e-tickets through mobile, rather than even printing
  4. Any batteries, cartridges, CFL bulbs, etc (hazardous waste) are kept separate and sent to right people
  5. For payments, we have been using online method for almost over 12 years
  6. We make very less use of stapler pins and plastic tapes to seal the envelopes, rather least amount of simple glue
  7. We don’t use AC in our office, windows are kept open for fresh air & ventilation
  8. We don’t use any lights during the day as day light is sufficient (except in rainy and darker days) and all this saves us a lot on power
  9. We are using simple broadband connection, as don’t really need very high power data transmission
  10. We hardly needed to buy any new PC in last years, as per requirement, we just upgrade any part
  11. Also use a solar clock and torch
  12. We segregate all the wet, dry, bio-degradable and non-degradable waste
  13. We don’t burn any kind of garbage, wet or dry, instead we recycle. All bio degradable waste is composted
  14. Compost out of wet garbage is used in our terrace & balcony garden for plants, excess is given away to friends and other needy people
  15. Fresh flowers from garden we used to make different flower pattern for office table
  16. All travel documents are handed over in cloth folders to guests
  17. Documents are tied with old used rakhis or simple cotton threads, no plastic
  18. As a token we provide cloth bags to our guests and write a note to them not to use plastic bags from shopkeepers
  19. We don’t believe in printing any email, as record, instead we save them all in soft form and do backups often. Only thing we print is documents to be handed over to guests and some miscellaneous stuff as per need
  20. We never needed to buy anything online so far, that comes with so much of non degradable packaging!


Outdoor Activities:


  1. We encourage and educate people in society, not to burn the garbage; reuse, segregate and recycle their dry waste and compost bio degradable waste
  2. We have jointly conducted many workshops in colonies and schools and helped set up composting units at their premised. We have even trained individuals help set up their own compost unit
  3. Any where if we found garbage being burnt, we douse it immediately and explain to the wrong doer why it is not right to do so
  4. We have participated in / supported dry waste collection drives
  5. We have been participating in beach & waterfall cleaning, check out this PDF file (2.2 MB) Verna Spring Clean-up – 15 Jun’14
  6. Have supported and participated in tree plantation on roadside and on barren ground
  7. On every trek we go, we always bring several bags full of non degradable trash strewn around and then we segregate every bit of it. Whatever can be recycled, is sent for the purpose
  8. We try and buy mostly from local vegetables vendors or fruit sellers so that these things need not  travel from far, besides they get motivated and supported in small way
  9. This monsoon (2020) we have participated in various farming works (rice growing) to learn how hard the lives of farmer is and to hope it offers some moral support
  10. We collect dry leaves on roadside (which otherwise may be burnt), and bring to add to our compost to make it carbon rich
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