Some Interesting Facts on India

Interesting & Funny Facts:

  • India is the world’s second largest English speaking country, second only to USA
  • At Dal lake, the jewel of Kashmir, is India’s first and only floating post office. Of course we do have some floating hotels too, like the one in Poovar in Kerala & Kolkata
  • India is identified as the birthplace of Hinduism and Buddhism, the third and fourth largest religions
  • Losar festival (in Arunachal Pradesh) of Monpa Tribe, 5 people dance for continuous 12 hrs, break only for lunch
  • Loktak lake in Meghalaya is World’s only Floating sanctuary
  • Indians made significant advances in architecture (Taj Mahal), mathematics (the invention of zero) and medicine (Ayurveda) in ancient times
  • India has Largest number of vegetarians in the world
  • India is the largest producer of movies in the world
  • In India, there exists the concept of joint family, wherein the entire family (parents, wife, children and in some cases relatives), all live together
  • The world’s biggest congregation of humans visible from space: A mass pilgrimage of faith, Kumbh Mela (fair) witnesses around 100 million people from across the world.  According to a report, the 2011 Kumbh  Mela was so big with gathering of over 75 million people that it was visible from the space
  • The skeleton lake of India: Located at an altitude of over 5000 mt in Uttarakhand, Roopkund is known for its beauty. The enigma lies in the fact that hundreds of skeletons are found in the lake. Legend has it that the mass death occurred during a hailstorm when the ruler of Kanauj Raja Jasdhval was travelling with Rani Balampa, his queen
  • Arshid Ali Khan, a 13 year old boy from Punjab, is worshiped as the lord Hanuman due to his 7 inch long tail.  Khan has this tail since his birth. People visit him to resolve their problems and seek his blessings (Source Indiatimes)
  • The first rocket was so light and small that it was transported on a bicycle to the Thumba Launching Station in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala
  • The Sloth Bear is found ONLY in India (except maybe some sub species in neighbouring country Sri Lanka). In 2020, we celebrate 10 years of having stopped the business of ‘dancing bear’ for money, which was a big torture to them
  • World’s largest Jacuzzi for elephants is located on the banks of  Yamuna river, is 11-foot-deep and has 21 high pressure jet sprays that create water pressure that massage the elephants’ feet and body and help in increasing blood circulation (Source: The Hindu)
  • A banyan (ficus) tree in Lakidi (Wayanad region, 15 km from Kalpetta), has been (iron) chained, check the link to know more why
  • Did you know India boasts of temples dedicated from Rat to Whiskey Devi, from Bullet Motorcycle Baba to Aeroplane Gurudwara (Sikh temple)…have an interesting read at this link
  • Andaman & Nicobar has 572 islands, out of which only 38 are inhabited
  • Freddie Mercury and Ben Kingsley are both of Indian descent.
    • Freddie Mercury, the legendary singer of the rock band ‘Queen’ was born a Parsi with the name Farrokh Bulsara while the famous Oscar winning Hollywood star Ben Kingsley was born Krishna Pandit Bhanji
  • Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary, Assam has the highest density of Indian one-horned Rhinos in the world
  • Majuli, Assam, is the world’s largest inhabited river island and is also listed in the Guinness Book of World Records. It is famous for the hand loom work of Majuli Pottery

Shakuntala Devi – “Human Computer”


Shakuntala Devi was an Indian writer and mental calculator, popularly known as the “Human Computer”. She did this without any formal education. Her talent earned her a place in the 1982 edition of The Guinness Book of World Records. Check out links to see how any kind of big calculation she could do in mind in seconds. She was given this title after she demonstrated the calculation of two 13 digit numbers: 7,686,369,774,870 X 2,465,099,745,779 which were picked at random. She answered correctly within 28 seconds.


Just recently an Indian movie has been released on Netflix as well. See more Details on her: Wikipedia, Guinness Book of World Records

India in Movies


International movies depicting India or Indian movies famous internationally: Octopussy; Eat, Pray & Love; Monsoon Wedding; Bride & Prejudice; Slumdog Millionaire; Hotel Mumbai; Gandhi (won 8 Oscars); Life of Pi; Salaam Bombay; The Jungle Book; The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel; Mera Naam Joker (very popular in Russia); Lagaan; The Lion, etc

Some Interesting Questions & Answers


Q: Who designed the Victoria Memorial at Calcutta?
A: The Victoria Memorial at Calcutta (now Kolkata) was designed by William Emerson

Q: Who designed city of Delhi and Chandigarh?
A: Edwin Lutyens (British) designed Delhi and Le Corbusier (French) designed Chandigarh

Q: Which places have been Portuguese & French territory in India?
A: Goa, Daman & Diu have been Portuguese colony while Pondicherry and Mahe were ruled by French

Q: Where did the Portuguese sailor Vasco da Gama land up in India in 1498? Who conquered Goa in 1510?
A: Vasco da Gama landed up in India at Calicut (Kozhikode). However, Afonso De Albuquerque conquered Goa later

Q: Taj Mahal and Red Fort in Agra were built by whom?
A: Shah Jehan the Mughal Emperor

Q: Where is the oldest standing fort located?
A: At Bandhavgarh wildlife sanctuary in Madhya Pradesh

Q: Number 0 and the game of chess were invented in which country?
A: Of course India!

Q: Which is the oldest living city in the world?
A: Varanasi or Banaras

Q: Where is one of the oldest residential universities ruins are located?
A: At Nalanda in Bihar, famous for Buddhist & Pali teachings

Q: Which of the following tombs is an imitation of the Taj Mahal?
A: Bibi ka Maqbara is an imitation of the Taj Mahal. At the same time, the Humayun’s tomb in Delhi is called the predecessor of Taj Mahal

Q: Which city is closest to the geographical center of India?
A: Nagpur is the city is closest to the geographical center of India

Q: Which is the highest peak in the Western Ghats? Where does Mount Everest lie?
A: The Anai Peak is the highest peak in the Western Ghats. In Nepal lies the highest peak in the world Mt. Everest (8848 mt).

Q: Which state in India has winter monsoon?
A: Tamil Nadu has Winter monsoon. Rest of the states get it during June – September usually

Q: Which classical Indian dance drama is traditionally performed by men?
A: Kathakali is the classical Indian dance traditionally performed by men

Q: Which is the famous mosque situated in New Delhi, that is also one of the largest in India?
A: Jama Masjid is the famous mosque in Old Delhi

Q: In which church of India is the mortal remains of St. Francis Xavier kept?
A: At Basilica of Bom Jesus, in Goa

Q: How many Indians have won the Nobel prize?
A: 6 Indians have won the Nobel prize (Rabindranath Tagore for literature, Sir CV Raman for science, Hargobind Khurana for medicine, Mother Theresa for peace, Amartya Sen for economics and Kailash Satyarthi for Peace. There is a list of several more people who won prize, being of Indian origin (but not Indian national)

Q: Which places in India are also called pink city, blue city, golden city?
A: Jaipur, Jodhpur & Jaisalmer respectively

Q: In which state would you find lions?
A: Lions can be found only in Gujarat at Gir forest

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