Sustainability: A Way of Life for One and All

“Vocal for Local” is a campaign started by India’s Prime Minister in order to make the local companies go global and more visible in the market. This is a boon for small entrepreneurs and nation’s dying professions, enabling them to get a fresh lease of life by being more creative using new strategies and techniques.


The very essence of theme is that every single producer and vendor should feel supported not having to go far to sell their product, thus also reducing carbon footprint.


This is a wake-up call for preserving our local traditions and wisdoms which are being passed from generation to generation. It is very important to preserve these grass root traditions as it’s our heritage. It makes us more self reliant not having to depend on outside products for our basic necessities.


We must create awareness, not just among the locals but among the tourists as well, both Indian and foreigners. Only if marketed properly, tourists will be aware of and visit these entrepreneurs, taking part in guided tours, workshops etc. It will contribute directly to the local economy and reduce income leakages that take place when the main actors to profit from tourism are the big firms rather than the local people.


Say for example, tourism in Goa thus needs to be redefined by moving away from the dependence on party and casino tourism, to sustainable tourism that benefits many, not just the few. Only then can we hit the reset button with confidence, strong in the belief that Goa’s post-COVID future will be a bright and promising one! (Taken reference from The Herald, Goa)