My struggle towards a waste less lifestyle


I always used to wonder about things that I use and am dependent on. It’s not something that everyone sits to think about when having a 9 to 6 job and an endless number of responsibilities, but being an environment conscious person that I am, it’s a deeper feeling that wanted to become a reality. Well here I am today making every single enviro-conscious thought to become a reality.


I begin with my daily routine of getting up in the morning, brushing teeth with a bamboo tooth brush, this I changed 6 months back from a regular plastic one, it’s a warm feeling to know that at least the wooden part will be decomposed while the bristles can be recycled. Next thing the soap that I use, lasts long and soon will be switching to home made one.

While using cloths, I prefer minimal colour cotton fabric absolutely no synthetic, silk or other fabric that has a darker history. Up-cycling the wardrobe and giving new touch to my old clothing.

Going for a meeting or for any official work, I prefer carrying a thermos with warm water, a set of stainless steel straw and a spare cotton bag – preferably to use when in need of buying grocery or any other stuff – this little bag is accompanied with another small trash bag, my trash my responsibility. I make sure to carry home cooked food so that I don’t have to buy any food in a package from outside. Fruits are my best companion than any other cooked food though.


When being with friends, it’s a nice feel of getting together for a cup of tea or a coffee, I prefer carrying a cup of my own, well I did get awkward looks from a few friends and strangers, I don’t mind it at all! If they find me odd, it’s fine I’m like that and it’s good to be different. I don’t justify nor I deny the fact that my struggle is actually a struggle to be adopted by all, it’s necessary for our survival and of our coming generation.


I practice Islam and the beautiful teachings of our Prophet who always encouraged a simple and minimal lifestyle. It’s a nice feeling to use what is needed and not wanted, because need can be fulfilled and leaves a space for other’s fulfillment of their respective needs, while wants are backed by greed that snatches someone else’s needful necessity.

I strongly feel that if we decide to change for a good, we will definitely succeed. We all are aware about the situation we are facing, in this time of pandemic, safety is essential for survival, but following that same routine of not taking care of our trash is making this world a trash can. I’m talking about the masks that we are using, if you go around the city you will find one time used masks are thrown in the open. Instead of fighting a disease we are opening a new opportunity for another pandemic.


It’s a humble request, if not for yourself at least for our younger generation of humans and other creatures, please take care of your own trash. We definitely do not have Planet 🌍 B.


Lastly I wish to convey my best Regards and hearty thanks to the people I know who are doing a wonderful job in encouraging people towards an eco – friendly life style. Firstly my lovely husband Ateeq Kazi who has been a great source of support and an inspiration to be on this eco lifestyle path. Mr. Irfan and Bhagyashree Shaikh for bringing in a platform for organic farmers to sell their products through SULIMARK lifestyle eco market and Mr. Prashant Maurya with his down to earth and eco friendly way of of living. There are many more amazing people who are a light of inspiration for all of us.


Humble Human
Gousiya Kazi
Designer | Proprietor
Siazyra Designers
A business with sustainable soul
Chimbel, Goa- India

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