We have an old Sanskrit saying – Vasudhaiv Kutumbkam, means entire world is one family! And its become so much more relevant to follow this philosophy in changed times!


Lately sustainability has become a buzz word, and rightly so when we all realise & acquiesce more and more each day that we humans need the earth, even though earth may not need us!


However, we need to keep in mind, every activity we do, must be sustainable! It should not be seen as an add-on or a fashion statement. If something is not sustainable, its not going to work and its equally true for tourism! Every tourism and allied activity MUST complement each other. We mean there can’t be two types – one just Tourism and another Sustainable Tourism! Do check out the site of Global Sustainable Tourism Council. All of us, part of tourism industry, have to be very responsible and accountable as a service provider, and so has to be a traveller!


Under this section, we try to cover various aspects, which affect our day to day life and how we can make it better. We need to be more sensible and caring towards our environment, surrounding, the natural resources, its flora and fauna and must keep our materialistic priorities as a low key affair. Do take full advantage of all the information under these topics and contact us for further assistance!