Sustainability: A Way of Life for One and All

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“In India there is an old Sanskrit proverb “Vasudhaiv Kutumbkam – the whole world is one family”. Today we live in a world in which this philosophy must be our guide. Because there is crucial (scientific) evidence that a more sustainable and responsible use of natural and personal resources is inevitable. The way we shape our society, our environment, the global economy and our individual lives, determines our future and the future of our planet. Because we humans need the earth and its resources – not the other way around. Sustainability must be the goal and not just a much-used, fashionable buzzword.


This also applies to tourism! We as a travel service provider are convinced that there cannot be two forms of tourism, but only one and the one that focuses exclusively on sustainability. Take a look at the website of Global Sustainable Tourism Council. Sustainable tourism has to consider Environmental, Social & Economic Impacts. All service providers in the tourism industry are called upon to act very responsibly and be accountable. And the same must apply for travellers!


In this section you will find valuable information and services for a more sustainable organization of your everyday life and for your personal well-being. We hope these suggestions are valuable for you. Please contact us if you need further assistance. We are looking forward to hearing from you.

Health & Immunity, Stress Management, Pranayam, Yoga & Ayurveda


Health & Immunity: With the advent of recent pandemic, more than ever before, we have realised the importance of keeping good health while materialistic pleasures and monetary world has taken a backseat….Much has been and is being talked about, so we shall keep it brief.


Here at India Invites, we have been drinking tea made of local herbs (for long already), way

before Pandemic struck and of course we have added more ingredients lately, which we are lucky to have readily available here in Goa!


Lemon Grass, Black Pepper, Raw or Processed  Turmeric, Fresh Turmeric Leaves (if available), Cinnamon stick, Ginger and leaves of Indian Basil (Tulsi), Guava, Custard Apple, Mulberry, Arjun Tree, Neem (Margosa), Parijat flower, etc – of course we don’t put them all together! Also added are cumin seeds and local dark jaggery (coconut or sugarcane one). All these things do add to immunity building & boosting. Same concoction we make warm again to drink day long! In Hindi, we call it Kadha and for best effect, its always drunk warm / hot. It clears throat besides increasing immunity! When the vapour of same is inhaled (steaming), it clears nasal passage and helps kill virus in lungs. Eating raw garlic regularly is great too.


Stress Management, Yoga & Pranayam: Many of us are having a stressful life which may have increased since Corona virus gripped most of the world in March’20.  However, those leading a regular life with daily exercises, breathing techniques like Pranayam and practicing Yoga have managed to cope very well. They even come out of it stronger it!!


Ayurveda: They say rainy season is the best time for Ayurveda as the pores of skin open which helps get the toxins out more easily. As we write this article (end Jul’20), its been raining cats and dogs in Goa specially, besides rest of India having received fairly good amount of it, which augurs well for farmers. However, we must wait for things to become better when you can physically be present in India and take advantage of  this age old rejuvenating Indian practice, a great gift to the World! Till then, you can contact us for any recommendation for future.


We are pleased to let you know, meantime, while physically being present is not possible, you can still take advantage as we can help organise training sessions for you. We have a panel of experts (see below) who can be of great help in guiding you with yoga, pranayam, Indian martial arts, stress management and other related sessions online.


Ms. Aneesha N. von Gunten, certified Systemic Coach & Breathwork-Therapist / 16 years of working experience in the corporate world


Founder of Living Your Quest : Personal Evolvement for more Well-Being-Resilience


“My passion is to accompany individuals who want to manifest personal or professional change and are looking for more self-knowledge, well-being and internal freedom. Clients who wish to reduce stress, enhance their personal resilience capacity and find deeper fulfillment and contentment within themselves and in their life. I also work with companies that are interested to offer employees support in the area of “stress management & resilience training”.


“I offer (online)-services in the field of personality development, holistic consultancy and breathwork therapy.”

Mrs. Priti Rao, Eco-Entrepreneur, Sustainability Practitioner, Yoga Teacher & Karate Black Belt Holder


Priti Rao is a Bangalore based eco-entrepreneur. She is the founder of Soil and Soul, an organization that is engaged in bringing awareness about Sustainability. Priti is a learner, sustainability practitioner, yoga teacher and holds black belt in Shotokan Karate. Priti likes traveling & teaching.


Under the umbrella of Soil and Soul she fulfills all her desires to explore experiential learning. This journey of exploration started after she became mother. She wished to give all the goodies available on earth and hence the seed was sown in mind to bring in differences in lives, the way we live, the way we think, the way we are connected to nature, understood the fact We are the part of Nature, Nature is not our part and decided to live in harmony with all the living things in and around us. It made her world full of life , a new perspective towards happiness, happiness in small little things, happiness in understanding subtle science of nature, happiness in sharing all that she learnt.

Ms. Lang Maria Liu, a Martial Artist, Dancer, Healer and Scholar


Lang has been teaching the fight/dance art form called Capoeira in Toronto for over twenty years and her mother school is based in Salvador da Bahia, Brazil. She is a passionate advocate of community-based, transformative art forms.


Lang has a right-hip condition (FAI) from birth that limits her range of motion and creates imbalances in her body. Rather than give in to the doctors’ prognoses that she would need a hip replacement in her forties and should drop any strenuous physical activity, Lang embarked on a journey to Asia in search of healing tools. During the two years that she spent in an osteopathic clinic in India, she learned a dynamic stretching technique from Manipur (northeastern India) and saw improvements for the first time in decades. She came across Esther Gokhale’s book, 8 Steps to a Pain-Free Back, and knew that she had found a crucial piece of the puzzle.


Having lived both in Brazil and in India, Lang was already interested in the impact of Western lifestyles on posture and health. She was therefore eager to learn a method that provided lasting solutions to the epidemic of back and joint pain plaguing the West (including India with changing lifestyle).


As a passionate advocate of healthy living and the environment, Lang bases her approach on the mind-body connection. She is eager to help others heal their bodies so that they can live more joyful and free lives. Lang offers Gokhale Method Foundation Courses in Toronto, Canada. She has completed a Bowen Therapy certificate and holds a Ph.D. in Education from the University of Toronto, where she focused on the field of holistic and transformative learning. Her book, Bimba’s Rhythm is One, Two, Three: From Resistance to Transformation Through Brazilian Capoeira, is available on Amazon.

Ms. Anouk Aoun Wendel , Yoga & Pranayam Teacher


“I feel one of Yoga’s most precious gifts to humanity lies in its emphasis on our relationship to ourselves and to all other Beings around us. It is a constant challenge to apply a fluid stream of tolerance, kindness and contentment in our daily lives, but as result of my own spiritual search, I am persuaded it can only start from contemplative work we do within ourselves.”


“Today, my Yoga classes are inspired by my heart teacher and husband Emil Wendel.”


“My intention as a guide and teacher is to encourage us all to learn to be awake to the present, remaining self-observant, inquisitive, and kind to one another. I find that the quality of being joyous and non-dogmatic along our spiritual journey helps to cultivate a lightness of being.”

Ms. Roberta Da Costa, Yoga Teacher


Meet Roberta, a disciple of Iyengar and hatha yoga. She has been learning, practicing and teaching since 2015. She received her RYT300 in 2014 from Mysore Indeayoga under the guidance of Bharath Shetty and is currently a student of Radha Gopalan.


An avid lover of nature, animals and natural way of life. She tries to live green allowing as much freedom to all plants and animals around her.


She provides personalised private classes at residence (in Goa) or online. Ideal for beginners who are looking to learn and improve their own practice. Check with us about private online classes with her, fine tuned to your specific needs.

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